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    NYU Housing is the official housing and student resident association at New York University. We have continuously pledged ourselves to the high quality of life and safety of our students. In keeping with this pledge, we cannot allow unknown guests to enter any student residence hall. NYU's ban on renting dormitory rooms on Airbnb ensures the safety of students and their property.

    A Message Regarding Airbnb on Campus

    From Director of Student Housing Services , Brody El-Achi

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    Testimonials from our students who've rented out dormitory spaces on Airbnb

    Cumbersome Clutter

    Don't rely on your guests to take their mess with them.

    Noisy Nuisance

    What happens when AirBnB guests have sleep apnea?

    Loud and Proud

    You don't need the extra stress during finals.

    Not Enough Air Freshener in the World

    They just don't make odor killer strong enough.

    Musician for Hire

    We hope you like the harmonica.

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    Skip Airbnb, schedule a stay with current students to get the authentic NYU experience.

    Take a guided tour with expert guides. Learn about campus without the hassle of booking a room through Airbnb.

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    A look at the risks of renting your dorm on Airbnb.

  • NYU Times

    This issue; investigating the consequences of renting a dorm room on Airbnb.

  • Legal

    Important Messages from the Department Head

    Legal Notice

    To convey our genuine concern for the comfort and safety of NYU students, any student who submits a testimonial or rented out their dorm room through Aribnb before December 8, 2016 will not be penalized.

    Law Provisions Against Airbnb

    New York City Law (8/21/16) states that:​

    • It is illegal to advertise apartment rentals for shorter than 30 days on Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms.
    • Short-term rental laws state that tenants must be living in their space while they sublet to another party.
    • Apartments in NYC are rent-controlled. This means that the city limits how much a landlord can raise the cost of rent. Most who rent their apartments out on Airbnb are earning profits that pass these rent limits.

    Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

    Included here

    NYU Housing Agreement

    • Housing Policy: Only the person who signs the contract can occupy the dorm room, and NYU does have the right to terminate the license at any time. Unless given written approval by ORLHS, dorm rooms can only be used for dormitory purposes. Licensing rights cannot be transferred. In other words, only you can use your room, unless granted specific approval.
    • Guest Policy: Guests are welcomed in NYU dorms, as long as they leave a valid form of ID at the front desk whenever they are in the dorms and are accompanied by the NYU student. Guest passes can also be given out if submitted two days prior to the guest’s arrival.
    • Download the Agreement Here
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